Longitudinal Study - Diversity Outbred (J:DO)

Project Aims:

Characterization of healthspan and lifespan in DO mice investigating early through late life biomarkers of aging. Animals were bled at 3 timpoints (6, 12 and 18 months) and kept on the shelf until they died naturally.


Project Start/End Dates: July 2011- June 2016

J:DO (Stock 009376)

Quantity/Sex/Age of Animals:

300 females and 300 males

6, 12, and 18 and 24 month timepoints

Animal Room:

G3 and B7

Temperature: 72o F +/-2o

Link to JAX Animal Health Report

Diet: 5K52 6%
Completed     Assays: CBC, Blood Chem, FLOW, ELISA, MegaMUGA
Open Resources:

Lysed Blood Pellets


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