DATA HIGHLIGHT : Lifespan and Survival Curves

The Center is currently characterizing inbred strains of mice for aging phenotypes. These in-progress experiments revealed that survival curves vary dramatically among strains.

Survival data from this study are presented below and have been deposited in the Mouse Phenome Database [ Datasets ]

Aging in inbred strains of mice: study design and interim report on median lifespans and circulating IGF1 levels
Yuan R, Tsaih SW, Petkova SB, de Evsikova CM, Xing S, Marion MA, Bogue MA, Mills KD, Peters LL, Bult CJ, Rosen CJ, Sundberg JP, Harrison DE, Churchill GA, Paigen B.
Aging Cell (2009) 8(3): 277-87. [ Full Text ]

Lifespan Data Graphs

For legibility and graphing, strains were subdivided into seven genealogical groups (see Yuan et al 2009 for details). Survival curves were generated by JMP 6.0 Survival and Reliability Analysis. Shortened strain names in parentheses were used in the publication. Please note that these are snapshots and should not be considered final datasets.