Knockout (KO) Mouse Resources

The Translational Core successfully implemented a standardized human-worm-mouse pipeline in which candidate genes identified via the CHARGE consortium are tested in C. elegans by shRNA knockdown for effects on lifespan. For those genes that significantly prolonged lifespan when knocked down in the worm, we used CRISPR/Cas9 technology to knockout the genes in the mouse. The following mouse models are pending availability via the Mutant Mouse Resource and Research Center (MMRRC):

New JR#32961 (research JR#31528) C57BL/6NJ-Cr2<em1Llp>/LlpMmjax

New JR#32962 (research JR#31529) C57BL/6NJ-Afmid<em1Llp>/LlpMmjax

New JR#32963 (research JR#31530) C57BL/6NJ-Tspan13<em1Llp>/LlpMmjax

New JR#32964 (research JR#31531) C57BL/6NJ-Ttc38<em1Llp>/LlpMmjax


The following plasma and tissues are available via The Jackson Laboratory by contacting

Plasma -strain/age/quantity coming soon

Bladders – strain/age/quanitity coming soon